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Prof Jiří Dvořák, MD

Regular exercise, quality sleep, good food and peaceful mindset are the cheapest medicine. And one that’s never too early, or too late to start with.

Czech-Swiss neurologist Jiří Dvořák was born on November 22, 1948 in Czech republic. He began studying medicine at Charles University in Prague, but left for Switzerland after the 1968 Soviet invasion, where he finished his studies at the University of Zurich. He practiced neurology, at Spine Unit at the Schulthess Clinic Zurich, Switzerland for over forty years, specializing in spinal disease and musculoskeletal disorder prevention, as well as sports medicine.

Dvořák is one of the world’s most renowned soccer medicine experts, having worked as FIFA’s Chief Medical Officer for over twenty years.

After 1989, he has restored ties with his homeland, establishing a partnership with Charles University, his first alma mater, which still continues today. Between 2020 and 2021, for example, he took part in a research quality assessment evaluating the institution’s medicine faculties.

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